15 Great tips to make your website more attractive and effective

You have a great idea, blog, product, or you just want to get an idea across? In today’s world website design and website development is key. Luckily with many of the tools out there website designing itself is relatively easy. But what can you do to make your website more effective and attractive to visitors?

1- Graphics and Photos

People have short attention spans and studies have shown that readers on digital devices tend to only skim. Including visual cues will focus your audience.

2- Consider stock photos

Using any old photo simply won’t do the trick. Unless you have access to particularly good photos it is a good idea to purchase stock photos for your website’s images.

3- Use structured Text

Text in an “F” shape is more likely to be read. This means that people tend to read titles and the skim downwards. By making your text or important links follow this pattern, more of it will be read.

4- Use visual cues for important text

When you do have text, using bullet points or large titles can help to draw the eye.

5- Be professional: Typeface

Website designing requires some careful stylistic choices. Color and typeface are important in creating a mood and generating confidence in your page. Avoid clichéd fonts like comic sans and papyrus. That said some fonts are simply easier to read online. Fonts like Arial (a “sans serif” font) read better. Also, make sure the text is large enough to read on most devices.

6- Be professional: Color

Color choice can be more difficult. Make sure your choices fit the mood your website deserves. When in doubt go with neutrals and dark blues tend to instill confidence. Avoid bright, jarring colors unless you have a website that calls for it such as a unique makeup or fashion line.

7- Have a clear message

Most people aren’t going to your site with wanting to hunt around. Be upfront with what the website is about, which also means . . .

8- Have clear navigation

Everyone hates a website that is difficult to navigate. A good rule of thumb is to have every page available within three obvious clicks.


One factor that can help navigation and a clear message is having a simple homepage that displays your purpose and message with visually attractive links to more in-depth content.

10- Load Time

Load time is important and reducing extraneous effects on the page can help with this. This is an important aspect of website development and may require some knowledge of coding if the page has too many elements.

11-Sufficient information

Interested in eCommerce website designing? If someone might want to purchase something from your site they need assurances that your site is safe. Include sufficient information about the actual product, the seller, and any refund/warranty policies.

12- Tracking Technology

It may not make your webpage more attractive, but knowing where your viewers go to and come from can help to more effectively place ads and tailor information to demographics.

13-Don’t forget social media

Making it easy to link to your content or follow you is necessary for an effective website design.

14- Create a feedback mechanism

This is so visitors with questions or comments can easily contact you

15- Make it mobile friendly

Interested in eCommerce website development, web design or just curious about how to develop a page? If you ever want it viewed it is important to remember that some of the best consumers of information and websites are near their phones 24/7. Makes sure your website fits their needs.